Support The GOW! CrReam & Scar Need Your VOTES!

I have always been interested in the GOW series but let us face it…I am a complete corner hugging noob. However, CrReam and Scar are two people with some knowledge about this fancy little game that has the whole MLG and community around foaming at the mouth.

So right now, they have a vote system on that allows fans to vote for their favorite GOW players to compete against each other in a GCON All Stars Match on Sunday March 11th at 8 PM EST on

So head on over to to vote for your player of choice, but we recommend you choose CrReam and Scar or we will send them over to blindfire you head off.

CrReam’s Links to Check Out

Scar’s Links to Check Out

While you are at it, go check out Active Reload TV!


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