MW3 Arkaden – Clearing Upstairs TaK Style


“We’ve Taken A Newb”

Due to “server outages” on Modern Warfare 3 last night, according to Robert Bowling in a Tweet, Those Analog Kids decided to run amuck and play some old school Modern Warfare, or otherwise known as COD4.

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VaughnWhiskey Gets A Nice Double

The night was young and I was looking to kill some time, so I jump on my Xbox 360. After signing in, Turntablez sends me an invite to play some Modern Warfare 3. Reluctantly I put the disk in, as this game is starting to frustrate the hell out of me, but I do it anyway. Playing with the TaK guys is always a good time and tonight was no different.

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Soooooo, we heard you people like giveaways! Well the great people over at Uber Entertainment were kind enough to hook us up with some Steam Beta Codes for their up and coming F2P game Super Monday Night Combat. That is right; we have codes for the game everyone has been talking about.

Now before we get into the details, let us look at the game to get an insight on how a F2P game should be like.

So now, I bet you are wondering how to get one of the beta codes…well here are the rules.

  1. Follow us on Twitter, it is pretty simple.
  2. Tweet “I want a #SMNC Steam Beta Code From @ThoseAnalogKids.”
  3. The winners will be picked on from Friday 2nd to Sunday 4th until all the codes are gone and will be contacted VIA twitter (thus why you need you to follow @ThoseAnalogKids) with their code if they are winners.

So get tweeting, because these codes are burning a hole in my inbox because the game is so damn hot….

While you are at it too, go check out Uber Entertainment on….





Vaughn Whiskey

TaK Wins Silver Tier In Domination Competition

As written before, Those Analog Kids are all about teamwork. This teamwork was put to the test as we participated in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3’s Sticky Fingers competition. The mission – get as many captures as you can within a four hour period.

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Those Analog Kids Poll Week 1: What Type Of Games Do You Enjoy?