MW3 Arkaden – Clearing Upstairs TaK Style


TaK Wins Silver Tier In Domination Competition

As written before, Those Analog Kids are all about teamwork. This teamwork was put to the test as we participated in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3’s Sticky Fingers competition. The mission – get as many captures as you can within a four hour period.

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Those Analog Kids Podcast Ep.6 “Ambeerlance”

Sit down with 3 our of 4 founding fathers Vaughn Whiskey, Turntablez & IGX RUNB4IK1LLU as they talk about everything from MW3 New Maps and Drinking At Starbucks!
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The Analog Kids Podcast Ep.2 “The Founding Fathers”

On this episode of The Analog Kids Podcast, Vaughn Whiskey, BR0FESS0R 0AK, IGX RUNB4IK1LLU & Turntablez sit down to discuss the current issues in today’s gaming news.
Things like the Kinect 2, Battlefield 3 Being Banned In Iran MW3 DLC plus our thoughts on Game Of The Year.
So sit back and listen but don’t be shy to share your choice for GOTY.