MW3 Arkaden – Clearing Upstairs TaK Style


TaK Member Spotlight: ScabbedFlap

Us TaK members tend to stay and run as a pack, but occasionally we have a stray wolf every now and then as our fellow member ScabbedFlap will demonstrate. Free-for-all is not a game type for all. In fact, I hate it. Mainly because I suck at it and I always end up in a lobby with people hiding in corners or boosting; nevertheless, it is a viable option to sharpen one’s skill at Modern Warfare 3.

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For TaK, Teamwork Equals Winning

Teamwork. It is the foundation for anything successful. My brothers and I worked as a team when I was a kid scheming against my parents. My military brothers and I worked as a team during deployments overseas against a common enemy, usually boredom. My wife and I work as a team to build a life and future for our family. As a team, all things are possible.

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The Analog Kids Podcast Ep.2 “The Founding Fathers”

On this episode of The Analog Kids Podcast, Vaughn Whiskey, BR0FESS0R 0AK, IGX RUNB4IK1LLU & Turntablez sit down to discuss the current issues in today’s gaming news.
Things like the Kinect 2, Battlefield 3 Being Banned In Iran MW3 DLC plus our thoughts on Game Of The Year.
So sit back and listen but don’t be shy to share your choice for GOTY.

The Analog Kids Podcast Ep.1 “We’re Totally Winging This!”

For our 1st Analog Kids Podcast, we join Vaughn Whiskey, Br0fess0or 0ak and Orlando from Kona’s Korner as they chat about the “LEAKED” info about Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare and Call Of Duty Modern Warfare 2 maps being found in the Call Of Duty Modern Warfare 3 Coding. Aswell the pros anc cons of both MW3 and BF3.
You can find the article about the Leak map coding in MW3 here – .