MW3 Arkaden – Clearing Upstairs TaK Style


“We’ve Taken A Newb”

Due to “server outages” on Modern Warfare 3 last night, according to Robert Bowling in a Tweet, Those Analog Kids decided to run amuck and play some old school Modern Warfare, or otherwise known as COD4.

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VaughnWhiskey Gets A Nice Double

The night was young and I was looking to kill some time, so I jump on my Xbox 360. After signing in, Turntablez sends me an invite to play some Modern Warfare 3. Reluctantly I put the disk in, as this game is starting to frustrate the hell out of me, but I do it anyway. Playing with the TaK guys is always a good time and tonight was no different.

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TaK Member Spotlight: ScabbedFlap

Us TaK members tend to stay and run as a pack, but occasionally we have a stray wolf every now and then as our fellow member ScabbedFlap will demonstrate. Free-for-all is not a game type for all. In fact, I hate it. Mainly because I suck at it and I always end up in a lobby with people hiding in corners or boosting; nevertheless, it is a viable option to sharpen one’s skill at Modern Warfare 3.

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For TaK, Teamwork Equals Winning

Teamwork. It is the foundation for anything successful. My brothers and I worked as a team when I was a kid scheming against my parents. My military brothers and I worked as a team during deployments overseas against a common enemy, usually boredom. My wife and I work as a team to build a life and future for our family. As a team, all things are possible.

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