Soooooo, we heard you people like giveaways! Well the great people over at Uber Entertainment were kind enough to hook us up with some Steam Beta Codes for their up and coming F2P game Super Monday Night Combat. That is right; we have codes for the game everyone has been talking about.

Now before we get into the details, let us look at the game to get an insight on how a F2P game should be like.

So now, I bet you are wondering how to get one of the beta codes…well here are the rules.

  1. Follow us on Twitter, it is pretty simple.
  2. Tweet “I want a #SMNC Steam Beta Code From @ThoseAnalogKids.”
  3. The winners will be picked on from Friday 2nd to Sunday 4th until all the codes are gone and will be contacted VIA twitter (thus why you need you to follow @ThoseAnalogKids) with their code if they are winners.

So get tweeting, because these codes are burning a hole in my inbox because the game is so damn hot….

While you are at it too, go check out Uber Entertainment on….





Vaughn Whiskey


Support The GOW! CrReam & Scar Need Your VOTES!

I have always been interested in the GOW series but let us face it…I am a complete corner hugging noob. However, CrReam and Scar are two people with some knowledge about this fancy little game that has the whole MLG and community around foaming at the mouth.

So right now, they have a vote system on that allows fans to vote for their favorite GOW players to compete against each other in a GCON All Stars Match on Sunday March 11th at 8 PM EST on

So head on over to to vote for your player of choice, but we recommend you choose CrReam and Scar or we will send them over to blindfire you head off.

CrReam’s Links to Check Out

Scar’s Links to Check Out

While you are at it, go check out Active Reload TV!


Vaughn Whiskey


TaK Member Spotlight: ScabbedFlap

Us TaK members tend to stay and run as a pack, but occasionally we have a stray wolf every now and then as our fellow member ScabbedFlap will demonstrate. Free-for-all is not a game type for all. In fact, I hate it. Mainly because I suck at it and I always end up in a lobby with people hiding in corners or boosting; nevertheless, it is a viable option to sharpen one’s skill at Modern Warfare 3.

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TaK Wins Silver Tier In Domination Competition

As written before, Those Analog Kids are all about teamwork. This teamwork was put to the test as we participated in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3’s Sticky Fingers competition. The mission – get as many captures as you can within a four hour period.

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Those Analog Kids News-Bit: Gotham City Imposters “Beta Stats Yo Need To See!”

Over on the Gotham City Impostors Site, they released some pretty amazing stats from their beta. It seems people have put some time into the beta and with the release of the game on Steam, PS3 also coming to Xbox 360 later today. You will know that there will be more capped crusaders and jokers to rid in Gotham’s streets with your improved weapons!

But come on now, We have played 3.25 years and unlocked over 1 million unlockables…that’s frigging insane. So to help out the win for the beta, the wicked devs over at Monolith Productions was kind of enough to share some more info about the game while thanking each and every one Gothamer who helped out in it!

More so, THANK YOU GUYS for making such a fun game and we are planing on playing the hell out of it tomorrow!

Gotham City Imposters is out on Steam and PS3 currently with the release of Xbox 360 coming ASAP!

Br0fessor 0ak’s “Journey To A Better Skyrim Soundtrack”

You are traveling the mountaintops of the great Skyrim lands in search of your final dragon soul. However, you do not want any mandolin, harp or piano mood killer. Therefore, I have created a TRUE traveling warrior playlist to help all your would-be adventurer.

So grab your sword and get ready to FUS RO DAH!

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Ezio’s Turkish Assassin Armor DLC For Assassin’s Creed: Revelations INFO!

Hey Guys And Gals,

Vaughn Whiskey here giving abit more details on how you can win 1 of 4 (two Xbox 360 & two PS3) Ezio’s Turkish Assassin Armor DLC For Assassin’s Creed: Revelations by just following us on twitter and letting us know what console your would like.

So to make the contest flow much easier and make sure it is easier for us to see all the people who entered. Please follow these steps for your chance to win.

1.) Follow us on Twitter, it’s pretty simple.

2.) Tweet “I want a Ezio’s Turkish Assassin Armor DLC From @ThoseAnalogKids For Assassin’s Creed On XBOX 360” or “I want a Ezio’s Turkish Assassin Armor DLC From @ThoseAnalogKids For Assassin’s Creed On PS3”

3.The winner will be picked on Sunday December 4th and be contacted VIA twitter (thus why you need you to follow @ThoseAnalogKids) with their code for either PS3 or Xbox 360.

So there you are, we hope to have more of these from time to time and other giveaways to help gamers like you enjoy in dlc and other cool things.

Vaughn Whiskey and the rest of Those Analog Kids!