VaughnWhiskey Gets A Nice Double

The night was young and I was looking to kill some time, so I jump on my Xbox 360. After signing in, Turntablez sends me an invite to play some Modern Warfare 3. Reluctantly I put the disk in, as this game is starting to frustrate the hell out of me, but I do it anyway. Playing with the TaK guys is always a good time and tonight was no different.

After a warm up match, however, we play another round of Team Deathmatch. I’m running around, per usual, with my RPG trying to get the douche bag camper that killed me previously. I look around and finally find the guy and his friend only to be killed myself, again. As mentioned before, TaK is all about working together. VaughnWhiskey, running his Sniper class, decides to avenge my death as he takes aim on the two guys that mowed me down earlier like VaughnWhiskey shooting the Deathmachine. Vaughn takes aim and fires at the last second right before I fall to my death. Falling down, I see the bullet whiz right by head and take down the guy who shot me and his buddy (it happens at the ten second mark). Lucky shot? Maybe. But he did get another one-shot double kill in another match. Whatever the case, it was a nice shot! Hopefully VaughnWhiskey will upload the actual shot, but until that happens, check out this short clip as you hear Vaughn’s reaction to his excellent marksman skills.



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