TaK Member Spotlight: ScabbedFlap

Us TaK members tend to stay and run as a pack, but occasionally we have a stray wolf every now and then as our fellow member ScabbedFlap will demonstrate. Free-for-all is not a game type for all. In fact, I hate it. Mainly because I suck at it and I always end up in a lobby with people hiding in corners or boosting; nevertheless, it is a viable option to sharpen one’s skill at Modern Warfare 3.

ScabbedFlap, on the other hand, loves a good FFA match, as that is his favorite game type. Case in point, below I present to you two videos that display his agility while moving around the map acquiring his targets. Changing his magazine in his MP5 quicker than a virgin climaxing on prom night, ScabbedFlap always runs around with a full load. Check out his elusive maneuvering and wolf-like prowess during his two matches of FFA on Village (where he gets a MOAB) and Carbon, which he wins first place with a pred double final kill.


You can contact iGameXbox by emailing him at tim@igamexbox.com or follow him on twitter at @iGameXbox. You can also check out his stream on Twitch.TV/IGX RUNB4IK1LLU



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