Those Analog Kids News-Bit: Gotham City Imposters “Beta Stats Yo Need To See!”

Over on the Gotham City Impostors Site, they released some pretty amazing stats from their beta. It seems people have put some time into the beta and with the release of the game on Steam, PS3 also coming to Xbox 360 later today. You will know that there will be more capped crusaders and jokers to rid in Gotham’s streets with your improved weapons!

But come on now, We have played 3.25 years and unlocked over 1 million unlockables…that’s frigging insane. So to help out the win for the beta, the wicked devs over at Monolith Productions was kind of enough to share some more info about the game while thanking each and every one Gothamer who helped out in it!

More so, THANK YOU GUYS for making such a fun game and we are planing on playing the hell out of it tomorrow!

Gotham City Imposters is out on Steam and PS3 currently with the release of Xbox 360 coming ASAP!


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