Just letting people know we actually care.

Hey guys, it’s BR0FESS0R 0AK here. Just thought I would take the time to thank everyone, who has supported us, helped us out, or even just gave a damn to say hi over the past few months. Us here, at Those Analog Kids are really appreciative of this, and all of you. I’ve particularly noticed two people who always give us a #FF on Twitter, TickleMeJosh and Nikibaby219, I love the fact that every Friday, I get notifications from both of these people. And to all those people who enjoy our podcasts, don’t worry, we’re still doing them, and we’re even taking the time to do them live on Twitch.tv.

VaughnWhiskey and myself, have recently started playing Gotham City Imposters, well the Beta, with our other member xPlacebo. It’s a FANTASTIC game with quirky game play, and annoying but fun Motivators on rollerskates, as portrayed by TheGamerME. This will surely be a great time consumer, but I’m sure we’ll still play Modern Warfare 3, Battlefield 3, occasional Medal Of Honor and other random games, so if any of you people in the community want to play at ANY given time (provided we’re online) shoot on of us a message.

Well, I feel like I’ve wasted enough time writing this, what with my horrible writing skills and all. So, just once again, thank you to EVERYONE who has helped us, promoted us, or even participated in one of our many giveaways in the past (there will surely be more).

Thanks guys from everyone at Those Analog Kids.


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