Catwoman Bundle Pack For Batman: Arkham City GIVEAWAY!

Yet again we was able to get our hands onto a code for Catwoman Bundle Pack code for those who are missing some sexiness to their copy Batman: Arkham City for Xbox 360.

Now you was probably wondering how to get this code and are probably getting sick of reading nonsense, did you know that an ostrich’s brain is smaller than its eye….Crazy right? Anyways, follow these steps on getting your hand on the Catwoman Bundle Pack code from Those Analog Kids!

  1. Follow us on Twitter, it’s pretty simple.
  2. Tweet “I want the Catwoman Bundle Pack For Batman: Arkham City Code From @ThoseAnalogKids.”
  3. The winner will be picked on Friday, February 3rd and be contacted VIA twitter (thus why you need you to follow @ThoseAnalogKids) with their code if they are win.

As for people saying we are giving codes to gain readers and followers, this is not true. We love giving back to gamers and doing this is one way of helping out. Also, we check all codes before giving them out on giveaways because we are gamers to our word.

So remember, Those Analog Kids are gamers and we will always make sure to keep our word.

Vaughn Whiskey

P.s. I didn’t download the bundle, i cancelled it. lol


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