For TaK, Teamwork Equals Winning

Teamwork. It is the foundation for anything successful. My brothers and I worked as a team when I was a kid scheming against my parents. My military brothers and I worked as a team during deployments overseas against a common enemy, usually boredom. My wife and I work as a team to build a life and future for our family. As a team, all things are possible.

In video games, this rule is especially true, even for Those Analog Kids. In a recent game of Team Deathmatch on Call of Duty’s Modern Warfare 3, Those Analog Kids took a commanding lead on the map Bootleg. By working together, Those Analog Kids maintained constant communication between its team members as to where enemy locations were and also took out enemy SAMs and aircraft support. Those Analog Kids sliced and diced their way through the enemy team like a light saber cutting open a helpless Tauntaun exhausted from running through a blizzard on Hoth. As a Dark Knight of the Sith once said, “All too easy.”

Like our fearless strategist, VaughnWhiskey, usually barks, “Make those callouts, son!”, we are forever vigilant to any and all information that will give our team the advantage. Whether it is myself articulating the location of the enemy or Brofessor Oak destroying enemy SAMs, teamwork equals a positive outcome. With the quickness of Steve16, the efficiency of Scabbflap, the constant air support of Turntablez, and the command and control of VaughnWhiskey, as long as we work as a unit, success is all but assured.

Check out the match below and let us know what makes your team effective.

You can contact IGX RUNB4IK1LLU by emailing him at or follow him on twitter at @iGameXbox. You can also check out his stream on Twitch.TV/IGX RUNB4IK1LLU


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